Anyone Protocol and Superchain Network partnership

The Anyone Protocol and Superchain Network partnership is set to revolutionise blockchain privacy.

Anyone Protocol and Superchain Network partnership

Blockchain privacy has just received an enormous boost. Superchain Network and Anyone Protocol (previously Ator) have joined forces to revolutionise how privacy is managed in decentralised environments completely. This partnership aims to leverage the capabilities of Anyone Protocol’s DePIN Network ‘Anon’ and Superchain Networks' useable data, to provide unparalleled security, privacy, speed, and data sovereignty.

Superchain Network, backed by prominent investors including Blockchain Capital and Maven11, is developing next-generation tools for Web3 builders to access trustless, verifiable, and transparent on-chain data at speeds 2,200 times faster than today’s biggest industry player. 

The Anyone network is building the world’s largest decentralised network for internet privacy and anonymity, featuring a superfast onion-routing network without centralised control.

It rewards relays in real-time for contributing bandwidth and hosts a marketplace of dedicated services - allowing developers to route their app traffic through the network.

The ATOR relay hardware allows non-technical users to contribute and benefit from the network passively, providing an end-to-end encrypted decentralised VPN experience for both individuals and enterprises.

"We're incredibly excited about our partnership with Superchain. It represents a key case-study for our network, expanding our SDK beyond individual apps and towards enterprise, high-throughput use cases. Bundling Anon with Superchain also gives us early exposure to the next generation of web3 data: more performant, verifiable and decentralized than ever before" said an ATOR Protocol representative.

This partnership addresses the critical privacy issues in the crypto space, where current data providers and network intermediaries expose clients to metadata logging and inference attempts from their requests  - posing major privacy risks and risking business confidentiality 

Integrating the Anon SDK with Superchain Network’s client will mitigate such risks by enabling users to manage their data requests locally through a decentralised network, reducing exposure to metadata logging and inference attempts.

Some key highlights of this partnership:

  • Privacy Integration: The Anon Network’s SDK will be integrated with Superchain Network’s client, utilizing the Anon network to ensure secure, private data management across a decentralized network.
  • High Throughput: Superchain Network ensures data freshness under 200ms with requests ranging from a few Megabytes per second to multiple Gigabytes.

The Anon Network’s SDK will be bundled with Superchain Network’s client. The Anyone protocol leverages a globally distributed set of relays that earn ANON tokens for contributing bandwidth and computing power.

This setup will route outbound requests through a decentralized network, ensuring data remains private and secure without compromising performance.

By addressing privacy concerns and promoting decentralised governance, this partnership sets a new standard for security and user control in crypto, driving innovation and wider adoption of decentralised technologies.

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