Introducing Superchain: The Open Index Protocol

By collecting and customising data in minutes, Superchain serves as the layer on top of which builders create applications, faster.

Today, we introduce Superchain as The Open Index Protocol, setting a new standard for the speed, quality, and delivery of on-chain data.

Developers can use Superchain to build applications faster through immediate and personal connection to data, free of centralised intermediaries.

The Gatekeeper Problem

Most indexes today are closed, siloed, or centralised, which leads to an unacceptable developer experience and users suffer. Specifically, we face:

High Latency

Latency for queries today is unacceptable. Some offer data in seconds, whereas others in hundreds of milliseconds. When market conditions trigger high load during periods of high volatility, latency can creep into the 10s of seconds. When it takes this long to load a dApp users switch off.

Aggregated Data

Most blockchain indexers are better described as data aggregators, this is to get around technical limits caused by off the shelf software. Aggregated data is only useful for solving single use cases over short time horizons.

Barriers to Entry

Presently developers integrate with a fixed API or query interface which they find quickly limiting and have to waste time building their own indexer. While large organisations who can self host might be able to do this, it is a major barrier to entry for the next wave of blockchain innovation.

Gatekeepers are incentivised to guard and sell data for their own benefit. Worse still, much on-chain data is not easily readable. The status quo for data consumption is impractical. The forces behind this poor developer experience are centralised entities. Right now, there is no sensible way to absorb blockchain data in a decentralised way.

The industry desperately needs an open and decentralised data system.

Decentralise Data, not APIs

To solve the problem, we must decentralise the data itself, not just access to it. We must design a new system specifically for blockchain data. It should be fully open and accessible to all.

Through a truly open data system, we can circumvent the gatekeepers: placing power in the hands of developers.

Enter Superchain: How it Works

The solution requires a shift in mindset from "Web2" centralised architectures to "Web3" decentralised architecture. Data indexes from Superchain are pushed out to users benefiting from low latency performance by processing locally.

Superchain unifies data into a consistent and granular model, rather than simply aggregating it due to the limitations of centralised architecture. This allows data to be fast, customisable and decentralised.

Superchain has its own data storage platform and streaming capabilities customisable via an intuitive interface called ‘toolboxes’. Developers interact with the indices and toolboxes via an SDK for on-the-wire speeds that avoid the use of slow presentation layers.

Superchain’s aim is to realise a fully decentralised data protocol designed around users, rather than computer limitations and the status quo.

Create Applications, Faster

Superchain delivers a superior developer experience in creating applications. Three core properties separate Superchain from incumbent indexes:

  • Speed: Superchain has the fastest data collection anywhere. Developers can reduce the iteration time between build, test and release to seconds instead of weeks.
  • Customisable: Superchain data is fully customisable via toolboxes. The data comes with tools to reshape and optimise a user's application requirements. Superchain data can also be used simply to explore and experiment.
  • Decentralisation: with Superchain, you rely on a protocol and community, rather than a gate-kept provider.

Specific use cases include:

  • Providing best in class real time and historical pricing data
  • Building custom indices with toolboxes
  • Introspecting markets cross-chain with ease
  • Deepening understanding of user behaviour with wallet watching
  • Creating arbitrage opportunities between cross-chain DEXs
  • Improving alerts, notifications and insights

Unconstrained Ownership

We believe in unconstrained ownership: no centralised entity should be involved in the relationship between humans and data. With Superchain there is no need to delegate custody or trust to centralised aggregators for access to decentralised data.

With Superchain’s toolboxes developers can make custom models to power their dApps; building a custom index just got easier.

With Superchain you can build cross-chain legos, boutique automation strategies, loss protections, and self-custody solutions. You can backtest like a professional trader or access historical data in Python and Tensorflow. No limits. No constraints. You can download, stream and own cross-chain data in your local data science environment.

Ultimately Superchain will be a community incentivised protocol. Superchain data will be owned by its users.

Where we are now

Superchain is offering early access. Superchain data opens new strategies and markets. We encourage market makers, quant traders, data scientists, Defi and dApp developers to join our Superuser community.

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