Maxim Legg at Polygon Guild Lisbon

Superchain Network Founder and CTO, Maxim Legg, will be presenting on decentralising dApps at the Polygon Guild Lisbon event at Fintech House in Lisbon.

Maxim Legg at Polygon Guild Lisbon

Maxim Legg, one of the founders behind Superchain Network and its Chief Technology Officer, is headlining in Lisbon! He's been invited by W3BLabs and the Polygon Guild Lisbon to speak at the prestigious Fintech House.

Known for his deep understanding and innovative approaches in decentralising dApps, Maxim is set to share his expertise and maybe a few secrets of the trade.

The event, co-sponsored by ChainGPT and MMLaw, will also see a talk by Guilherme Lima, the co-founder of Drexfy and Polygon Guild Lisbon lead, in which he will unpack how tokenisation of financial instruments works and what we can expect from this going forward.

This gathering promises to be an insightful event, offering a rare peek into the cutting-edge strategies that drive successful decentralised applications today. If you're passionate about the future of fintech and blockchain, you won't want to miss Maxim's insights. 

Details of the event are listed below:

Date - 18 April 2024

Location - The Fintech House, Lisbon

Time - 17:30 - 23:00

If you’re interested in getting in touch, reach out via the links below:

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The Superchain Network team looks forward to seeing you at The Fintech House, Lisbon for an unforgettable night of knowledge sharing.